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Helix Innovation Partnerships Ltd are a consultancy firm that working at the interface of Government, Industry & Academia.

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Helix Innovation

Helix is your trusted partner in navigating the landscape of innovation and fostering collaborative partnerships between academia and industry. Since our establishment in 2004 in Newry, Co. Down, we have specialized in managing publicly funded innovation programs for government bodies and business development agencies in Ireland and the UK.


At Helix, we’ve cultivated robust relationships with esteemed academic institutes in Northern Ireland and Ireland, positioning ourselves as experts in developing synergistic collaborations between academia and industry. Our consultants bring a wealth of industrial experience from the private sector, providing a unique perspective that adds value to every project we undertake.


Our primary focus has been on supporting SMEs in Ireland and Northern Ireland, successfully managing funding for over 1000 companies since our inception. Recognizing the diverse needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, we tailor our services to ensure tangible and sustainable growth. Whether you are a government body, business development agency, or an SME owner seeking independent support, Helix is here to guide you through the complexities of innovation management.


In addition to managing innovation programs, Helix provides technical experts for the assessment of R&D tax credit claims, project managers for publicly funded environmental research projects, and technical expertise for the assessment of training grant applications. Our services extend to claims validation for business development agency programs supporting large multi-national corporations based in Ireland.


At Helix, we understand the importance of a balanced approach. While our roots lie in government-funded innovation programs, we are equally committed to serving the direct needs of SMEs, offering customized solutions that go beyond traditional funding structures.


Explore the possibilities with Helix, where expertise meets innovation, and partnerships thrive. Contact us today to discuss how we can collaborate to drive your success, whether you are a government entity, a business development agency, or an ambitious SME ready to chart new territories

Consultants & Programmes

Since we began operating in 2000, communication & IT systems have been used to manage programmes & consultancy. Our head office is based in Newry, but we also have consultants in satellite locations in both the North & South of Ireland.

Our Consultants have received extensive training with previous roles in Industry & Academia in sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, ICT, Electrical Engineering & Biotechnology. This ensures that we are providing a high level of Project Management Skills and Professionalism.

Our speciality is management of large-scale innovation & technology transfer programmes on behalf of Government Agencies.

Specifically, the programmes we have developed a niche expertise in are:

– Fusion Programme & IMP3rove Service: Improving innovation capability within SMEs

– Enterprise Europe Network Programme: Developing Joint Ventures between Local SMEs across Europe.

Our Work


With over two decades of experience, Helix excels in developing partnerships between innovative businesses, academia, and government funding. We have a proven track record of assisting companies in maximizing the potential of their innovative ideas.

Our consultants bring a wealth of experience and expertise from their past senior roles in both industry and academia. They serve as our local interface with client organizations across Europe, ensuring seamless communication and understanding.

Helix extends its expertise across a spectrum of sectors, including Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Polymers, Telecommunications, ICT, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Animal Science, Material Science, Environmental Technology, Food Science, and Biotechnology.

Among our esteemed clients are prominent organizations such as the IDA, InterTradeIreland, Invest NI, the EPA, and Innovate UK. We pride ourselves on being a unifying force, creating opportunities for collaboration that benefit all stakeholders.

Explore the breadth of our work at Helix, where we bridge connections, facilitate innovation, and drive success across diverse sectors. Whether you are a government body, a business development agency, or an SME seeking to thrive independently, Helix is your partner in realizing impactful outcomes.




Grant Funding: Ideas to Invoices

Navigating the intricate landscape of grant funding can be challenging. At Helix, we comprehend the complexities of this process. Application procedures can appear daunting, and eligibility criteria may be unclear, especially when dealing with funding bodies across the Republic of Ireland, the UK, and the EU. Deciding between grant funding and R&D incentives adds another layer of complexity. At Helix, our role is to assist clients in identifying and accessing appropriate grant funding to support their innovation and R&D initiatives. Our experienced team of consultants is dedicated to helping you find the most suitable support for your business.

Innovation Management

Unlock Your Innovation Potential

At Helix, we firmly believe that innovation extends beyond laboratories and advanced technology firms. We recognize that innovation journeys often have humble beginnings, and not all innovative ideas are radical. Therefore, we collaborate with you to evaluate your innovation processes and strategy, ensuring your business remains competitive for the long term. Our experienced team of consultants is committed to assisting you in unlocking your innovation potential.

R&D Tax Services

R&D Tax Credits

Helix specializes in providing technical assessment reports for R&D tax credit claims. Our dedicated team of industry experts leverages its knowledge and experience to guide you through the process of identifying your qualifying R&D activities. With experience across diverse sectors, from food science and ICT to chemical, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, we help make sense of the R&D tax credit scheme. Helix provides professional advice on your qualifying activities.

Public Sector

RD&I Programmes

At Helix, we take pride in our contribution to the management and delivery of innovation programs for government agencies. Understanding that businesses are the heart of our economy, we champion the support provided by public bodies. Our detailed understanding of RD&I programs positions us as a reliable partner in advancing your organization’s innovation initiatives.




Our Clients